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It’s the early 90’s. Smart phones, e-mail and Google don’t exist, and being a teenager is just as difficult as ever… but when you add date rape, an accidental pregnancy, unexpected psychic abilities, and a mysterious murder, you’ve got the makings of some serious trouble. This coming-of-age story is both a cross-country adventure and a cautionary tale. Follow Natalie as she faces the pressures and pitfalls of late adolescence and grows into a young woman with remarkable abilities. Take a trip from the East Coast to the West, from naive to empowered. Gather the Bones is an inspirational tale of how one young woman turns trauma into triumph.

Author’s Note…

Now available in paperback and Ebook!

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What would you do if you suddenly had the ability to manipulate energy with your hands and move things with your mind? Stella Westfall is still grieving her mother’s death when a latent magical ability is sparked in her after a motorcycle accident. With her new ability comes an invitation to join a group of witches. They are a quirky assortment of country people, including unnervingly handsome, but narcissistic Charles, and earthy, grounded Derek. She finds herself in a love triangle, but that’s not the real challenge. She navigates the magical underground of witches and shapeshifters and ultimately uncovers something terrifyingly sinister. Will she also find out the truth about her mother’s untimely demise?

Available Fall 2019

Stella Westfall’s story continues as she explores her powers in a time and place she never expected. This is Book Two of the Stella Westfall series. To be notified when it is available, please join my mailing list.

Author Bio

I’ve been writing stories and poetry my whole life. I explore topics like magic, psychic abilities, time travel, parallel worlds and ghosts. I love paranormal fiction, science fiction, fantasy, magical realism, and poetic writing that inspires investigation of what lies beyond. I am currently working on the Stella Westfall series, writing a science fiction story about parallel dimensions or worlds, and writing a nonfiction memoir about parenting a child with Aspergers. I also write poetry, and occasionally sell real estate! I live in the countryside of Pennsylvania with my husband the graphic-design-guru-bassist, my thirteen-year-old son the webmaster, and a few cats. Professional details: I have two degrees in comparative religion: a Bachelor’s from Smith College and a Master’s from the University of Colorado. I taught Religious Studies at the college level for 3 years. I also have a second Master’s degree in Professional and Digital Media Writing from East Stroudsburg University. Founding an independent press that publishes books that explore the mysteries of human (and non-human) existence is a blend of my two great loves: spirituality and writing. Check out Three Moons Press for more information on the authors we will be publishing. It is a work in progress, so please be kind, patient and check back again. Sign up for my mailing list for updates and news.